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Contained wild.jpg
Contained wild.jpg

Themes to choose from

Once you engage us to draft a Landscape Design for you, we would like to understand which style you prefer, so we can design along the lines you enjoy. We will also suggest what suits your site, climate etc.

We are going for a 'feel' here. Often, when we walk into a beautiful garden we are not sure why we like it and do not immediately focus on individual elements in the garden, but just we know we like it and have a good feeling about it. Its the same when looking at images of styles, don't overthink it, go for what immediately grabs you. This enables us to undesrtand the look you're after and we can then design a garden that doesn't necessarily use the same elements and plants as the image you chose but helps us undesrtand the look you are going for.

Take a look at the Styles and Themes below and choose 1 - 3 or more images of Themes and Styles you would like to achieve in your garden. Sometimes people like more than one style and our challenge is to successfully merge 2 or even 3 styles.

If you don't see anything you like please have a look at images on my Pinterest account that you like.

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