Garden Themes

Gardens often fall into specific themes and you may be drawn to one theme or another. We can also cater to an eclectic style where aspects of a number of themes are cleverly combined. Some of the many options are presented here, which you can use as reference when we discuss your preferred style.

You will probably like more than one theme, but check out some ideas below to help to narrow down what you like.

These themes help us understand what style you like so that your Conceptual Garden can be design according to the Theme you enjoy.

Cottage garden.jpg

Cottage Garden

Colourful annuals and perennials, informal layout with winding paths. The planting is random and informal.

sub trop.jpg

Subtropical Garden

Create your own tropical oasis with colourful palms, bromeliads, ferns, begonias, ctenanthe and cordylines.

Japanese garden.jpg


Japanese garden design includes four aspects; rocks, water, plants, & ornaments & also follows the principles of asymmetry, enclosure, borrowed scenery, balance & symbolism.



Grasses can be effectively used in almost any design. They are very hardy and low-maintenance while offering a contemporary soft look and feel for your outdoor garden space.


Rustic Garden

Lots of weathered/recycled found items. Informal planting with curvy beds.

Med gdn.jpg


Inspired by the coast of Spain, Italy & France, combining relaxed materials & plants with formal accents.


French Cottage

Similar in many aspects to a country cottage garden, but with distinct french grey blues and almost always a little table and chairs in a secluded spot.

Prairie garden.jpg

New Perennial/Prairie Garden

Prairie gardens employ large swathes of planting where form is as importsntas color. Grasses are dominant

Contemporary garden.jpg


Strong Architectural lines. Contemporary colours. A very structured, clean look.



With elegant planting and creative paving have your own slice of Moroccan style and comfort with a custom made design.

NZ Native garden.jpg

NZ Native Gardens

Above is a natural native garden. Almost any style can be created with native plants, which reduce the need to water.


Small Spaces

Even the smallest of garden can  have a striking design. Let us show you the creative ways you can make the most out of your authentic outdoor zone and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors year-round.