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Garden Themes

Although we specialise in Naturalistic planting there are many styles within this theme and we would like to understand which style you prefer, so we can design along the lines you enjoy. We will also suggest what suits your site, climate etc.  Some of the many options are presented here, which you can use as reference when we discuss your preferences. Please also see the next page on the website for more ideas.

You will probably like more than one option, which is normal and themes can overlap to produce a sperate theme, but check out some ideas below to help to narrow down what you like.

If you don't see anything you like below, please find some images of what you enjoy to give us inspiration for your design.

N Perennial.jpg



New Perennial

 Pioneered by Piet Oudolf, dominated by swathes of grasses and perennials that look natural and show interest in all seasons.

Green Naturalistic.jpg

Naturalistic garden

These gardens mimic nature.  The sense is that the garden happened without planning, although clever design is eviedent.


Moroccan gardens

A Moroccan garden normally has a coutryard with a water feature, plams, pots, soft seating with multi-coloured cusions and moroccan style lamps and accesories                   


Waterwise Gardens

Waterwise gardens use plants that suit the position they are in and that suit the climate. Requiering little water once established.

Prairie garden.jpg

Prairie,Meadow or Wild Garden

Grasses and perennial flowers intermingled  to create the natural effect of prairie.

Med gdn.jpg


Inspired by the coast of Spain, Italy & France, combining relaxed materials & meditteranean  plants with formal accents.


Tropical Garden

Lush plants are common, no bare soil is evident. The feeling is of walking through a lush native evergreen forest. Clever use of non-tropical broad leaved plants can give the look .


Rustic design

Found, often rusted items are cleverly aranged to create this eclectic garden design.

Japanese garden.jpg

Japanese Garden

The major design aesthetic is a simple, minimalist natural setting designed to inspire reflection and contemplation.

Desert contemporary.jpg

Beach style

Pebbled areas interspersed with grasses to give the feeling of taking a stroll down to the beach. Can be done as a contemporary or naturalistic style.

NZ Native garden.jpg

Native Gardens

A natural native garden. Almost any style can be created with native plants, which reduces the need to water.



An exstension of your home created using raised beds, geometric shapes, wooden decking and seating areas that ooze sophistication. Clean lines using stone, wood and metal and keep your planting to a minimum for a chic and uncluttered look.

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