Landscape design

How the design process works

Initially you as the potential client contact us via email, text etc. to express interest in an Art landscape design.


On your approval we will ask you many questions around type of plants you like, garden themes etc. And photos of the area. We also use aerial photography to understand the area to be designed.


We reply to get clarity on the area of your garden or perhaps entire landscape that you would like to have as a Conceptual Landscape.


The  design is drafted using Sketchup which is a 3D program that enables you to see quite realistically what the design will look like and submit a draft to you.


Once there is clarity on the size of the area(s) a quote to draght the design is sent to you for your approval


After input from you and any desired changes a final plan is submitted to you for you to get a local contractor to install with futher agreed imput from Inspirations Landscape design


Art Gardens

Let's design an Art garden of your dreams, within budget and suited to site.