His story:


Initially studying and working as a Knitwear/clothing designer, Glen developed a Residential Construction business, where he designed and built a number of houses and their gardens. Glen is also a metal sculptor and has pursued various fine art styles.

Gardening and designing gardens has been a lifelong passion and joy for Glen, who while studying a Landscape Diploma developed a genre which got him huge accolades from his Tutor. This style was a one that draws on his Art and Sculpting experience and is possibly more a form of Art more than landscape design, but in reality both. It is a style of Art that uses a landscape or garden for its expression. The area being designed is an artwork that can be walked into. Instead of being 'Garden art' which is an artwork in a garden, the garden is the artwork. Anther way to explain it is; Garden art is often a metal sculpture in a garden, but this art form takes the entire garden and makes it an artwork so you step into the artwork when you step into the garden. The term 'Conceptual garden design' is often used for these gardens, where the landcape/garden is the art piece, but Glen prefers the term 'Art Garden' because the garden is the artwork. Other terms that are used are, Sculptural Landscapes and Statement gardens

Glen Hubbard

An artist who's medium is a garden.