Why a landscape designer?

Have you ever visited a garden and absolutely loved it and wanted it?

A quick true story:

My wife Debi is an artist and chose a paint colour for the inside of our house that really 'worked'. A friend visited and raved about our house and asked what paint colour she had used. A while later Debi noticed that her friend had painted her entire house, inside and out in the colour, which just didn't 'work'. What was the friend missing in this scenario? Debi's skills with interior design, and her ability to use colour to create moods that suit a house. Had her friend recognised this, she could have asked Debi for advice on creating a certain feel in her house which Debi would have gladly done.

The same is true, if not more so with your garden. Firstly you are unique, as is your garden space and location. You may love someone else's garden and want it for yourself, but your garden, your family, and your lifestyle are different. Let us assist you in creating something uniquely 'you' and suited to your space fulfilling your outdoor living dreams.

Why Glen Hubbard of Inspirations?

Glen has Diploma in Landscape Design and a lifelong passion for gardening. He has many years experience initially as a builder, designing and building houses, landscapes, water features, swimming pools etc. and a hobby creating beautiful metal sculptures. He coud be described as being simultaneously highly practical and extremely creative.


Glen has the ability to to come up with designs that specifically suit you in your garden, give him a call for a consultation of to discuss what would be involved to realise your dream garden.


Glen he will spend time listening to your hopes and dreams for your garden and ask questions to understand what you hope to achieve. No matter how undeveloped or precise your ideas are, he will envision a design that fits your purpose practically and aesthetically.

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