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His story:


Initially Glen went to Univerity to study a Bsc in Nature conservation because of a deep love for nature and the natural world. However he also has a very creative side and instead persued a career in Knitwear/clothing design. After the factory he was working at closed down, Glen moved into the Building industry and self taught his way into eventually building and designing homes and their gardens.

Gardening and designing gardens has been a lifelong passion. He did a Landscape diploma and turned his passion into a vocation. He designs in all styles and enjoys helping others beautify their gardens with inspired designs that suit their lifestyle.Turning outdoor areas into spaces you enjoy visiting and spending time with friends and family.

Glen is also a metal sculptor and has designed a number of pieces for client's gardens that bring something extra special to their landscapes.

Glen Hubbard

An artist who's medium is a garden.

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