The place where it's safe to be creative.

Many of us want to be creative, but to wear creative outfits takes courage and we don't really want the attention and the suggestion that we are trying to prove something. We can be creative in interior decor but that takes similar 'guts' to wearing creative clothing. It's also quite permanent and most of us don't really know what works, so we go for bland colours and styles. It is however good to have muted tones indoors to create a soothing atmosphere anyway.

Outdoors and specifically in our gardens is where we can find true creative expression. We don't live outdoors as much and somehow an outlandish plant colour doesn't disturb us, as the same colour would indoors. Flowers aren't permanent either and can be easily changed.

A good landscape designer will seek to understand your ideas, wants, needs and dreams and give you something that you, your family and friends can enjoy.

There isn't much adventure in our everyday lives and our gardens can be the delight we come home to. Gardens are always evolving and chaning as things grow and the seasons change. A great landscape designer will know that and design your garden to have all year round interest.

We are so used to plants and don't always see how creative and unusual they are. There are also many unusual and rare plants that arent any more difficult to look after than the common ones. At Inspirations Landscape design we seek to offer you something different, but different in terms of expressing who you are, not something that is outlandishly not what you enjoy, but we are all different and our gardens should reflect that.