Staycation garden

Why go away on holiday when you can create a garden that you want to visit and linger in.

Lockdown would be like a holiday!!! Things to include in a garden that help in make it feel like a holiday are a firepit (not expensive to get a metal one, as pictured above), all weather outdoor kitchen, yes one with a roof covering. Outdoor lighting. Water proof sound system that can be linked to spotify or such and any music can be listened to for a small fee or even for free. There's nothing quite like a live fire to keep you warm or to gaze into its dancing flames while sipping a glass of red, or coffee or whatever... Enticing nooks and seating areas that suit different times of the day and different weather conditions. For example a warm spot in the late afternoon sun in the winter. A shaded spot at lunchtime in summer or an area that gets the early morning sunrise and areas sheltered from the wind. There are also firepits or or fireplaces that are made to cook on. I heard an article on the radio about this, saying it's a Mexican thing, LOL very much a South African thing, in fact all of our ancestors would have cooked on a fire or coals. No one nation can claim it, really !


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