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Inspirations offers most landscape realated services from laying new concrete areas, concrete repair and resurfacing to full garden design and build. We dont charge for the initial consultation unless there is major travel involved or if you are merely wanting advice.

We aim to give the client what they need and desire within their budget.

For a small job where there is'nt much or any design required, one consultation is followed by a quote to do the work. We pride ourselves in a high standard, you may be able to get the job done cheaper elsewhere, but I have found you get what you pay for.

If design is required we have the free initial consultation to ascertain an overview of your requirements and follow the meeting up with a quote of what we will charge to produce the design.

Once you agree to have us design the new garden then we set up a meeting where we go through a list of questions which takes us on a journey to discover what you want and need. This is a fun, informative process. You are unique as are your needs, desires and what you want to use your garden for. Many aspects of your garden will also indicate to the Landscape designer as to what is feasable, a good designer helps to navigate these constraints.

After this meeting the designer will survey(measure up) the garden and get back to you with a concept plan. If necessary some tweaking of this plan is done in consultation with you.

A final plan is handed over to you, which you can pick away slowly or have Inspirations involved in a number of ways. Talk to us to find out what will work for you and your budget.


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