Flowers were never mean't to be blue

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Ask any child to draw a flower. They will go for reds, orange, yellow, pink and maybe purple, but not blue, thats the colour of the sky, that line at the top. Why? Well maybe flowers are'nt mean't to be blue and that's why its so much fun to use blue in a garden, its a surprise and I some of us don't even realise that many flowres are blue. Blue is a very soothing colour and can provide for a tranquil space. Blue is a good foundation for other colours. Too many bright colours can be overpowering and blue creates a good mix. Blue and white can make for a striking garden. Even some grasses and foliage are blue and can work well in an area. Blue painted accesories also work well. Many mediterranean gardens have light blue shutters or furniture which contrasts the intense heat in those countries. #blueflowers #landscapedesigntauranga #landscapedesigner #sculpture