We not only design stunning gardens but can include sculptures if that's what you like and if the design calls for it. We seek to be inspired and create designs that have a subliminal message for the client. Sometimes the whole garden is in essence a kind of sculpture, not obviously so but....well call us and we'll explain and come up with an intuitive design, just for you.

We aim to design for you, a design that is exactly what you enjoy suiting your tastes and dreams. That may be formal, contemporary or neither. A garden is where designers can be most creative and get away with a lot that is innapropriate indoors. Its a space where many different diciplines can playfully come together, from building to gardening to scupture etc.

Our indoor space needs to be more conservative because if it's too creative it can be disturbing, but a creative space in a garden draws us out to experience something diffent. An option is o have different areas with different 'feels' giving us choice as to go where our mood takes us. #sculpture #landscapedesigntauranga #landscapedesigner #landscapedesignertauranga


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