What We Do

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At Inspirations, Glen Hubbard creates "Living Art Gardens" and or Metal Sculptures. A living art garden is a living work of art. Yes the garden is the artwork. You literally step into and walk around in the artwork. A Living Sculpture that encompasses the whole garden area. Easier to understand when you look at animations of our designs. The garden/landscape is the canvas and the plants and hardscaping elements are the mediums used to create the Art garden.
"The garden seeks to portray an idea" Victoria Summerley


 Although we are based in Tauranga in the beautiful Bay of plenty in New Zealand, we can do a Living Art garden design for you no matter where you live. Using Sketchup to create 'walk through' 3D designs and communication via email it is easy to liase with us for a design.


Living Art Garden example
This animation is of a design for a small courtyard. The illusion is of a rock landing in a pool of water. The rock is suspended by stainless steel consealed brackets below and a jet of water is pumped below the rock as a water feature that makes it look like the rock is landing in the pool with a splash. The actual pool of water is quite small and the illusion of 'ripples' are created by the concentric circles of concrete. Planting between the concrete is Liptinella "Phatts black' which looks like pond water from a distance, buts is a ground cover that can be walked on.

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For Art Landscape designs

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"Glen is a delight to deal with for garden landscape design. He worked closely with me, asking the right questions to get a full idea of my likes and dislikes, which helps him create a design full of personality and functionality along with suiting your own personal style. His ideas for purposeful use of space (especially when limited) is amazing. I love the design concept he created for our garden zone."


Glen has designed many stunning gardens for me over the years. He is very creative and developed various areas that I enjoyed at different times during the day and seasons. Giving me gardens that added huge quality and value to my life and home. 5 stars.